Nebus and Bewildering Stories

Received my contributors copies of Nebus magazine. A long standing Arts magazine from The University of Arkansas, Little Rock, Arkansas and was very impressed with the standards of writing and production. The magazine deserves a global audience.

A busy week on the Review Panel of Bewildering Stories. I may be a little biased but I challenge you to find a better on line magazine with weekly updated content. Check out Emile, the poetry and an excellent and entertaining interview with Marina Neary in this weeks issue.

I also enjoyed a visit to the Dickens exhibition at at The University of London this week. A guided tour is strongly recommended


Floodwall Magazine and more Bewildering Stories

Received my contributor’s copy of FLOODWALL magazine, an annual print publication produced to coincide with The North American Writers conference held at the university (Link) and was very impressed. Here is my contribution:

Old Man. Sea front, Skegness.

Such years we had, exultations, bliss

Now there is patience, our dull routine

Sitting in the park it passes me by

Your strange new world, so jealous of its time.

Mine leaks in steady drips, like rain from trees

Lulls me to sweet slumber, three times a day

To the smell of fish and chips from the pier

A distant brass band, the herring gull squawks.

Once at Salerno, many years ago

I killed a man, he is with me now

Somewhere eastwards a storm is brewing

Far away the sea churns, unobserved

Where there is no other wish than this.


Bewildering Stories

This week’s issue of Bewildering stories is also a strong one: Link