GANDA MAGAZINE will launch with a live web cast from Red Tape studios, Sheffield on Friday the 23rd of November. The magazine features exclusive content from Jarvis Cocker and Pete Mckee, amongst others. All profits will go The Sheffield Childrens hospital


Seek it Anthology

I have a poem in the Red Claw press anthology, ‘Seek it’, launced in Toronto on the 8th of November and in Saskatoon on the 12th of November. The anthology, which has already had excellent reviews, can be found here.

For Rhino in a Shrinking World

This anthology, containing work from a group of poets from around the world and including my poem, ‘Midsummer Night’s Eve’ will be published in Jamestown South Africa in December. The laudable aim is to raise awareness of the plight of the Rhino-currently being hunted to near extinction. Check out the website for more information. The video is very informative.