Crannog, Ottawa Arts Review, Prose Poetry

Looking forward to receiving my contributors copies of both Crannog and the OAR, in the next few days-very kind of the editors at Ottawa uni to send me a copy, unsure whether or not I will receive a contributors copy of Crannog, but I have ordered one anyway. 

Have been discussing prose-poetry recently at Bewildering Stories and elsewhere  and struggling to find to find a consensus as to what it is. I have yet to find any definitive examples that clearly differentiate between a prose poem and a poem-and yet I feel that i can recognize the sub genre, relatively easily. Perhaps I am deluded. Personally I have never felt the urge to experiment with the form and generally find prose poems unsatisfactory. I expect that there will be stunning work out there that I have yet to stumble across but, in the meantime, i have been re-reading ‘Birthday Letters’ by Ted Hughes and reminding myself what an astonishing and utterly harrowing collection it is


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