Maya Angelou

A day of bird song and spring sunshine, full of promise. I could be called away at any point in the next hour or so to teach but, if the day does become my own, i plan to spend it creatively. It was a real honour to discover that I was sharing a page with the great Maya Angelou in the ‘Heart Shoots’ anthology for MACMILLAN cancer care. The anthology is a collection of classic romantic verse, song lyrics from legends like Cohen, Mitchell and Dylan.

My poem, ‘Alicia’s Diary’-with the old English pronunciation, is a poem inspired by an old Mitchell and Web film,which had a clip of an Edwardian Sheffield street scene and a brief image of a pretty young woman, who became, in part, the muse for the poem. It was first published in ‘Other Poetry’ and has had quite a promiscuous run since then, appearing in many magazines world wide. ‘Alicia’s Diary’ was written shortly after I returned to writing after a 20 year absence, and I do think my recent work is significantly stronger, but it’s popularity is possibly down to it’s freshness and mutability. Once you sent work off for prospective publication there is little that a writer can do to influence the selection of work that is chosen, which can at times be a little frustrating, but, ‘Alicia’s Diary’ has enough quality for me to feel affection for it.