Portland Schoolgirls 1975. Mark Hazlehurst

Portland Schoolgirls 1975. Mark Hazlehurst


It has been a long haul to leaving

And there is a strange kind of regret

For damp classrooms, store cupboards with Tetris trays

For graffiti, stains left to fester over time

For the foolish laughter of a distant child.

Pathways worn to dust, bare as old slippers

And the secret mysterious places

The cobweb filled, derelict greenhouse

Full of melancholy and long dead things.

With the last flick of the light switch

A pacing backwards into light, a sorrow descends

Almost as thick as grief, grief for the rooms

For the long, silent, empty corridors

For the time that slipped away, lost forever

For the raucous shrieks, the vulgar cat calls

For working late, besotted by the twilight

Twenty years of muted conversation

And, best of all-

On the days when rain thrashed the windows

Grief for, the heads down, quite contented

Steady hum of silence.


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