No Flowers

A recent poem, written in haste after incidents in the summer of 2013. It seemed apt to find space for it after recent events in Nairobi. The pink-mist is inspired by descriptions of the aftermath of a direct hit on a human body. The saying, ‘no flowers without shit’ is a saying, common to many cultures, with subtle variations of syntax


No Flowers


There will be no atonement for these sins,


No blessings in any paradise,


Or leavening of troubled souls,


At three when hell presides,


And chunks of flesh rain down


Before the dust and pink mists rise.



‘No flowers without out shit’ he said


Strapping up,


As if martyrdom was just routine,


Something to do after breakfast.



‘Terrorist’ muttered through gritted teeth,


Infidels, name me as you wish,


Cavalier at the thought of death,


Utterly prepared for this-


‘Allahu Akbar !’




On the brink of oblivion.   


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