Dancing Stardust

This poem continues my earlier perambulation around the inter-relatedness of Science and Poetry


Dancing Stardust


It was then that the star dimmed,


A light, swallowed by eternity,


Smothered into terrifying silence


Somewhere on the dark side of tomorrow.



And the light, the light is everything,


We who know nothing will light our candles


Build our thought traps to try and re-capture,


The rapture; the mortal essence of you


Before the last closing of the circle.



Sometimes grieving can be beautiful


That day on the beach when the clouds parted,


The night when Orion winked at you.




Beginnings and endings may mean something,


And our thoughts and words, the love we shared


Endless, eternal, precious, who knows?



We are ocean, we are dancing stardust;


We carry the weight of the world on our shoulders,


That is all.






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