Bakwa magazine

This is one of my favourite African cultural magazines so I have been delighted to feature in it. Here is a contribution from 3 years ago.


Beer, Balls and the Belgian Mafia

Lots of interesting projects coming to fruition over the next few months. A new crime/cold-war,thriller set in Liverpool, Hamburg and Berlin in 1962 is close to conclusion and I am currently writing a series of short stories.

A collaborative novel. ‘Beer, Balls and the Belgian Mafia’ written as Sam Holberry has had a good couple of months and is now back in the Amazon best selling charts under Belgian Crime and Belgian beer. We are promoting this through a series of talks in 2015. I think it is fair to say that the book has become something of a cult publication in some demographic areas-currently just an ebook, it will appear as hard copy eventually

There are also a number of new poems that will be published in magazines from around the world over the next few months.