Click on the links for more information. Where possible, the links take you directly to John’s work.



Soul Feathers (2011) Indigo Dreams Publishing, ISBN: 978-1-907401-36-7

This Island City (2010) Spinnacker Press Ltd, ISBN: 978-0956661906

Northern Type 51 (2010) Northern Cooperative Writers, ISBN: 978-0-9565018-0-6

Ten Forward (2010) Carillon, ISBN: 978-0-9565018-2-0

Shape Shifting (2007) Cinnamon Press, ISBN: 9781905614516


Online Publications

Bewildering Stories

Contemporary World Literature

The Montreal Review

3am Magazine

Everyday Poets 1, 2

Petrichor Review

Burner Magazine 1, 2

The Brooklyner

The Dublin Quarterly

Drunk Monkeys

Carcinogenic Poetry

Oberon’s Law

Haunted Waters Press

The Tower Journal

Burning World

Angelic Dynamo

Gold Dust Magazine

Slow Trains


Print Publications

The Journal

Pennine Platform

Other Poetry

The Dawntreader

Hudson View International Poetry Digest

Poetry and Audience





Coffee House Poetry, Cinnamon Press

The Coffee House


Poetry Monthly

Tadeeb International (British – Urdu)




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