Solstice Eve

Solstice Eve


When half the world was wild-wood,

Wolves howled in Wolvescote dale

And naked virgins prayed to Orion.

The village Shaman sat in awed silence,

Watching Swifts and Swallows hushed

Lost in deep chasms of thought

Lonely, intuitive and afraid.


He saw how times could merge

Like seas slipping into oceans

How distant worlds of ice and fire

Would tumble from the sky

And torches would melt in the moonlight.


He saw men scramble into holes

For lead like fossilized mother’s milk,

A last, unloved bear, stumble into oblivion

And wolves disappear into maps.


And he saw mankind plunge into darkness

Bird-song stilled over barren rivers

Dreams buried. Hope strangled at birth,

And the moon-muse turned to dust.